3:2 Information Card Icon10:7 Information Card IconMicrosoft has released an additional rendering of the Information Card Icon with a 3:2 aspect ratio, which can be used in addition to the existing 10:7 aspect ratio renderings. Quoting from the updated Frequently Asked Questions document:

Q: When should the 3:2 aspect ratio version of the icon be used?
A: The 3:2 aspect ratio rendering is intended for use in visual contexts when a 3:2 aspect ratio rendering of either an Information Card image or the icon may be displayed. Having a 3:2 aspect ratio rendering of the Icon (in particular, a 120×80 pixel rendering) allows it to be the same size as an Information Card image, and thus, enables the interchangeable display of the Icon or an Information Card image.

If you have a need for a 3:2 aspect ratio rendering of the icon, you can get it now from the updated download package. You can visually compare 114×80 and 120×80 renderings of the icon in this post.