Musings on Digital Identity

Month: March 2009

Document Signing and Access Control with Avoco Secure Information Cards

Avoco Secure CardSandy Porter of Avoco Secure recently let me know that their secure2trust document security product now supports both document signing and document access control using managed Information Cards. The cards and the Avoco software enable perimeterless, secured access to documents and online web form signing.

Avoco has hosted an instance of their Identity Provider and sample document signing and document access control scenarios online, so people can give it a try now. Using the “Create an ID” tab at to create a card, and then following the instructions at the “Securing with Identity” tab, I was able to obtain a document a document that can only be opened by using the card I created.

When I open this doc (in my case, “Mike Jones.docx”), CardSpace is launched. When I submit my card, access control is granted and the document shown below is opened.

Document protected by Avoco Secure Information Card

For more information, see the page “Create and Manage your own Digital Identities with Avoco Secure’s Identity Provider“, their demo site, and also try document signing using your Avoco Secure managed card at

Be a part of the Internet Identity Workshop

iiw2009aAt a typical conference, you listen to thought leaders; at the Internet Identity Workshop unconference, you and your peers lead together.

Be a part of it: May 18-20, 2009 at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California. Register now!

Special bonus offer: Continuing a tradition dating back to the second IIW, Microsoft will be sponsoring a dinner for conference participants.

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