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Month: October 2013

First Release Candidates for final OpenID Connect specifications

OpenID logoI’m pleased to announce that the first release candidate versions for final OpenID Connect specifications have been published. The complete set of specifications has been updated to resolve all issues that had been filed against the specs being finished.

Please review these this week, in time for the in-person working group meeting on Monday. Besides publishing the specs in the usual formats, I’ve also created a Word version of the core spec with tracked changes turned on to facilitate people marking it up with specific proposed text changes. If you’re in the working group, please download it and make any corrections or changes you’d like to propose for the final specification.

The release candidate spec versions are:

Also, two implementer’s guides are also available to serve as self-contained references for implementers of basic Web-based Relying Parties:

Thanks to Nat Sakimura for the early feedback. The structure of Core has been changed somewhat since -13 to adopt some of his suggestions.

OpenID Connect Specs Nearing Completion

OpenID logoBased on feedback from developers, the OpenID Connect working group decided to replace the OpenID Connect Messages and OpenID Connect Standard specifications with a new OpenID Connect Core specification that combines the contents from both of them before finishing OpenID Connect. The content has also been restructured to separate Authentication from other features such as Claims and to have separate Authentication sections for the different OAuth 2.0 flows. No changes to the protocol were made. The publication of this new spec is another major step towards finishing OpenID Connect.

Please review this and the other OpenID Connect specifications in the coming week. While a few local changes will still be made this week to address issues that have been identified since the approval of the Implementer’s Drafts, I fully expect that the working group will decide at the in-person working group meeting just over a week from now that it’s time to publish proposed final specifications.

Thanks to Nat Sakimura for producing a proof-of-concept document restructuring that the structure of the current OpenID Connect Core spec is based upon. And thanks to Torsten Lodderstedt for convincing us that the specs will be clearer by better separating the descriptions of logically distinct features while combining previously separate descriptions of highly interrelated functionality.

JOSE -17 and JWT -12 drafts reducing duplicated text

IETF logoJSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) -17 and JSON Web Token (JWT) -12 drafts have been published with editorial changes that reduce duplicated text between the JOSE specs. Also, the “typ” and “cty” header parameters were revised to always refer to media type values. The text about which serializations are mandatory to implement was updated. Finally, thanks to Matt Miller for supplying an encryption example using PBES2.

See the Document History appendices for more details on the changes made and issues addressed.

The drafts are available at:

HTML formatted versions are also available at:

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