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Orange, eBay, and Microsoft Demonstrate New CardSpace User Experience

Orange, eBay, and Microsoft teamed up to demonstrate the CardSpace “Geneva” experience at TechEd in Barcelona. In the demo, an Orange-issued Information Card was used to sign into eBay with an early version of CardSpace “Geneva”. This post shows you the user experience we jointly developed. (And yes, this was running code — not a mockup.)

eBay login page accepting Information Cards
The user can sign into eBay either with a username and password or with an Information Card.

Using an Orange Information Card to sign into eBay
After clicking the Information Card icon in the first screen (the purple “i” symbol) to sign in with a card, CardSpace shows Alex that his Orange Information Card can be used to sign into eBay.

Always use this card at this site
Alex decides that he always wants to sign into eBay with his Orange card, and so checks the “Always use this card at this site” box for the card.

Logged into eBay
After clicking “OK” to submit his card, Alex is logged into eBay.

Login details
eBay lets Alex see details about his login.

eBay login page using a CardTile
Alex has logged out, but is ready to log into eBay again. This time, rather than showing the Information Card icon, Alex’s Orange card is shown and is ready to use, courtesy of the CardSpace CardTile. Now a single click will submit his card, logging him in again.


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