December 31, 2007
New Years Gift: OpenID Intellectual Property Policy Approved

OpenID logoAs Scott Kveton just posted, earlier this month the OpenID Foundation board approved OpenID Intellectual Property Policy and Procedures documents. These are designed to achieve two goals:

  • Ensuring that contributors to OpenID specifications make intellectual property declarations for relevant inventions that they own so that everyone can freely use those specifications.
  • Defining procedures for working groups to use when developing future OpenID specifications that enable all to participate.

In addition to those Scott thanked, I’d also like to extend sincere thanks to Ron Moore of Microsoft and David Daggett of K&L Gates, both of whose legal expertise was essential to this accomplishment.

This is a significant digital identity accomplishment to finish 2007 with. Happy New Years everyone!

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  2. Windows CardSpace Team Bloggers on 07 Feb 2008 at 11:06 am #

    Mike jumps on the OpenID Foundation board of directors…

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