December 22, 2007
Phishing Protection for the Enterprise

Enterprise Phishing ProtectionI was surprised during the recent blogosphere conversation on user-centric identity in the Enterprise, that no one referenced Sxip’s contemporaneous intelligently-written 2-page piece on how the use of Information Cards can help protect enterprise login credentials from being phished. Using Information Cards to enable safer remote access to hosted enterprise applications makes business sense. This seems to me like a perfect example of what Pam wrote: “I would like to see Enterprises adopt technologies such as the Identity Metasystem for no other reason than because it helps their business to succeed.”

Dick’s introduction to the security bulletin also references a number of recent press articles on phishing attacks against the enterprise that are well worth reading. I’m with Pam: user-centric identity technologies will be adopted in the enterprise exactly when they’re perceived as delivering real business value. This is such a case.

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  1. Dennis Hamilton on 23 Dec 2007 at 1:19 pm #

    That’s a great diagram on several accounts. Although pretty high-level, it makes clear how Information Cards can supplement an intranet’s SAML stuff. Or, well, it looks like it at any rate.

    OK, I’m off to read the entire “bulletin.” We need more diagrams like this.

    Happy Holidays.

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