Sign in with your Information CardAn updated version of the Information Card Deployment Guide is now available. Among other improvements, it’s been updated to employ the Information Card Icon. As the original deployment guide announcement said:

So you’ve decided to use Information Cards on your web siteā€¦ Now what? I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just published a document giving step-by-step guidance to Web developers on what we believe are the best practices for doing this. The document walks Web site developers through two different deployment scenarios: sites exclusively using Information Cards for authentication, and mixed-mode sites allowing the use of either passwords or Information Cards. Examples are given for site sign-in, site sign-up, and handling lost Information Cards, including suggested confirmation text for each of these scenarios.

This link to the document Patterns for Supporting Information Cards at Web Sites: Personal Cards for Sign up and Signing In references the current version and will be updated to point to any future revisions as well. The Sample Information Card Site employs these guidelines and is built using the Information Card Relying Party Resources announced earlier. Enjoy adding Information Card support to your web sites!