IETF logoJSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) -19 drafts have been published that address all my remaining to-do items for the open issues. I believe the remainder of the issues are either ready to close because of actions already taken in the drafts (the majority of them), require further input to identify any specific remaining proposed actions, if any (a few of them), or will be considered during Working Group Last Call (a few of them). Only editorial changes and one addition were made — no breaking changes.

In short, I believe I have addressed everything needed to bring us to Working Group Last Call for the JWS, JWE, JWK, and JWA specs.

The one addition was to add the optional “use_details” JWK field, as discussed on the JOSE list and the WebCrypto list. While I realize that this proposal hasn’t gotten much review yet (I believe due to the holidays), I wanted to get it in so people can review it in context, and as a concrete step towards meeting a perceived need for additional JWK functionality from the WebCrypto working group. It’s cleanly separable from the rest of the spec, so if the JOSE WG ends up hating it, we can always take it back out and possibly move it to a separate spec. But at least we have a concrete write-up of it now to review.

I also made a one-paragraph change to the JSON Web Token (JWT) spec to reference text in JWE, rather than duplicating it in JWT.

See the History entries for details of the (small number of) changes made.

The drafts are available at:

HTML formatted versions are also available at: