December 9, 2008
Who is the Dick at my company?

Dick HardtDick Hardt, independent thinker, entrepreneur, Identity 2.0 leader, fellow OpenID board member, and friend, is Coming to America and joining Microsoft. Dick, I’m looking forward to working with you as a colleague and expect your perspectives to change what we do and make us better for it.

P.S. Lest any of you think I’m being rude, the title of this post is a tribute to Dick’s famous (infamous?) talk title “Who is the Dick on your site?”. :-)

One Response to “Who is the Dick at my company?”

  1. Simple Simon on 29 Dec 2008 at 10:25 am #

    I like the idea of Information Cards as being “electronic identity cards” that ordinary consumers can use for online tasks such as credit card payments, access to online banking, etc. But Dick is on record as stating that Information cards are a “strong, enterprise grade solution that is currently too heavy for general consumer use.” I hope that Dick has changed his mind on this. I’d like to see more emphasis on making Information Cards and Cardspace practical to use for consumers. I think the electronic identity card/credit card metaphor provided by Infocards and Cardspace, if it can be made easy to use, is more intuitive and more secure than OpenID.

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