IETF logoIn preparation for discussions at the JOSE working group meeting at IETF 84 in Vancouver, BC, I did some investigation into the state of support for the JWA algorithms in common Web development platforms. This table contains the data gathered. It was also discussed at the July 2012 W3C WebCrypto F2F Meeting. I’m posting it now because I’d recently received a request for it and because it may be useful at the upcoming WebCrypto meeting at TPAC in Lyon and at IETF 85 in Atlanta.

Thanks to Roland Hedberg, Axel Nennker, Emmanuel Raviart, Nov Matake, Justin Richer, Edmund Jay, Wan-Teh Chang, Christopher Kula, and Ryan Sleevi for the data they provided. If you have more data that I should add, or believe that there are additional columns or rows we should track, please let me know.