OAuth logoUpdated drafts of all three OAuth Assertion specifications have been published. These specs define how to use assertions/security tokens as OAuth 2.0 authorization grants and for client authentication. They are: Assertion Framework for OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0 Bearer Assertion Profiles for OAuth 2.0, and JSON Web Token (JWT) Bearer Token Profiles for OAuth 2.0.

Language was added to all three explicitly clarifying that an assertion grant type can be used with or without client authentication via an assertion and that client authentication using an assertion is nothing more than an alternative way for a client to authenticate to the token endpoint. Two new examples were added to the SAML and JWT profile drafts to illustrate the use of assertions/security tokens in both cases. Thanks to Brian Campbell for making these updates.

The authors believe that draft-ietf-oauth-assertions and draft-ietf-oauth-saml2-bearer are now ready for Working Group Last Call.

The drafts are available at:

HTML-formatted versions are available at: