OpenID logoI’m thrilled to report that OpenID Connect has won the 2012 European Identity Award for Best Innovation/New Standard. I appreciate the recognition of what we’ve achieved to date with OpenID Connect and its potential to significantly change digital identity for the better. As Dave Kearns wrote in the OpenID Foundation announcement about the award:

I’m pleased that Kuppinger Cole has granted OpenID Connect the award for Best Innovation/New Standard this year. What’s most impressive is that this elegantly simple design resulted from the cooperation of such a diverse global set of contributors. I expect OpenID Connect to have a substantial positive impact on usable, secure identity solutions both for traditional computing platforms and mobile devices. My congratulations to the OpenID Foundation!

My thanks to all who have contributed to the OpenID Connect specifications to date and especially to the developers who have implemented draft versions, providing essential feedback needed to refine the specs on the road to final standards. I look forward to seeing what people will accomplish with OpenID Connect!