December 19, 2007
I-names without Passwords at LinkSafe

I’m pleased to report that ooTao and LinkSafe have recently collaborated to enable you to create and use i-names with Information Cards rather than passwords. They’ve achieved for what JanRain did for Below is a screen shot of me signing up for an i-name using an Information Card, rather than a password. Now when you see someone signed in to a site with the OpenID =me, you’ll know who it actually is! i-name signup with Information Card

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  1. Mike Jones: self-issued » Information Cards, i-names, OpenID, Ruby, and Interop! on 17 Feb 2008 at 7:35 pm #

    […] and login at LinkSafe’s i-broker using Information Cards. Building on what I wrote earlier about I-names without Passwords at LinkSafe, Andy Dale recently wrote: Working together Microsoft, LinkSafe and ooTao have developed the first […]