I’m writing to let you know that I’ve joined the recently formed Identity Standards and Policy team at Microsoft. For those of you outside the company, this mostly just means means that you’ll see more of me in the roles you’re used to seeing me in — building industry consensus around identity solutions for the Internet and the enterprise, and taking them from ideas to actual deployments.

I’m joining a great team, who many of you already know: Mary Rundle, our team’s policy and legal expert, who brings an informed and sensitive international perspective to our work, David Turner, an experienced and thoughtful international standards expert, who also throws a great participatory neighborhood music party every year, and Tony Nadalin (a.k.a. Dr. Secure), who leads the team and brings his unique seasoned perspectives, insights, and wry humor to all our work together.

I’m honored by Microsoft’s and Tony’s trust in me to bring me onto the team. I look forward to solving identity problems that matter with many of you in the coming months and years because of it.