IETF logoMy co-authors and I published updated versions of eight specifications in preparation for IETF 119 in Brisbane. The specifications span three working groups: JOSE, COSE, and OAuth. The updated specifications and outcomes when discussed at IETF 119 are as follows.

1, 2, & 3: JSON Web Proof, JSON Proof Algorithms, and JSON Proof Token. Updates were:

  • Normatively defined header parameters used
  • Populated IANA Considerations sections
  • Allowed proof representations to contain multiple base64url-encoded parts
  • Specified representation of zero-length disclosed payloads
  • Added Terminology sections
  • Updated to use draft-irtf-cfrg-bbs-signatures-05
  • Updated to use draft-ietf-cose-bls-key-representations-04
  • More and better examples
  • Improvements resulting from a full proofreading

Continued reviews and feedback from implementations are requested.

4: Fully-Specified Algorithms for JOSE and COSE. Updates were:

  • Published initial working group document following adoption
  • Added text on fully-specified computations using multiple algorithms
  • Added text on KEMs and encapsulated keys
  • Updated instructions to the designated experts

It was agreed during the JOSE meeting to describe what fully-specified algorithms for ECDH would look like, for consideration by the working group.

5: OAuth 2.0 Protected Resource Metadata. Updates were:

  • Switched from concatenating .well-known to the end of the resource identifier to inserting it between the host and path components of it
  • Have WWW-Authenticate return resource_metadata URL rather than resource identifier

It was decided to start working group last call during the OAuth meeting.

6: COSE “typ” (type) Header Parameter. Updates were:

  • Added language about media type parameters
  • Addressed working group last call comments
  • Changed requested assignment from 14 to 16 due to conflict with a new assignment
  • Addressed GENART, OPSDIR, and SECDIR review comments

This document is scheduled for the April 4, 2024 IESG telechat.

7: Barreto-Lynn-Scott Elliptic Curve Key Representations for JOSE and COSE. Updates were:

  • Changed to use key type EC for JOSE and equivalent EC2 for COSE for uncompressed key representations
  • Changed identifier spellings from “Bls” to “BLS”, since these letters are people’s initials

We received feedback to not add compressed key representations to the draft.

8: Use of Hybrid Public-Key Encryption (HPKE) with JavaScript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE). Updates were:

It was decided to start a working group call for adoption during the JOSE meeting.

Thanks to all who contributed to the progress made on these specifications, both before and during IETF 119!