David RecordonLet me second Scott Kveton‘s congratulations to David Recordon for winning this year’s Google-O’Reilly Open Source award for Best Strategist. As Scott wrote:

Tonight, David Recordon of Verisign won Google’s prestigious “Best Strategist” open source award for his work on OpenID.

I’ve known David for a little over a year and have been amazed at hist ability to help shape the technology and community that makes up OpenID (all this before the ripe old age of 21 … no congratulatory beers for you David!).

I first met David during a meeting at Six Apart (long, long ago) with he and Brad (the creator of OpenID) when we all cooked up the OpenID Bounty program. I was a newbie in the OpenID world and David was great at helping me as I found my way.

David has been tireless in his work on OpenID being “the face” of the community and spending more time on the road than anybody I’ve ever seen (c’mon, the guy is already a United uber frequent flyer) showing up at every conference you can think of across the entire globe. He has been instrumental in seeding small user communities across the globe with his passion for making OpenID the technology it has become.

David, you have a fantastic future ahead of you … congrats, the best is yet to come.

I’ve also greatly enjoyed working with David on advancing digital identity together over the past year and value his energy, judgment, and fun-loving spirit. I’ll see you out there on the Identity road, David… Congratulations again!