IIW logoAre you registered for the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) yet? As I wrote a decade, a year, and a day ago, “It’s where Internet identity work gets done.” That remains as true now is it was then!

As a personal testimonial, I wrote this to the IIW organizers after the 2020 IIWs:

“Thanks again for running the most engaging and successful virtual meetings of the year (by far!). While I’ve come to dread most of the large virtual meetings, IIW online remains true to the spirit of the last 15 years of useful workshops. Yes, I miss talking to Rich and the attendees in the coffee line and having impromptu discussions throughout, and we’ll get back to that in time, but the sessions remain useful and engaging.”

I’m also proud that Microsoft is continuing its 15-year tradition of sponsoring the workshop. Rather than buying dinner for the attendees (the conversations at the dinners were always fun!), we’re sponsoring scholarships for those that might otherwise not be able to attend, fostering an even more interesting and diverse set of viewpoints at the workshop.

I hope to see you there!