OpenID Certified logoI’m thrilled that the OpenID Certification program has won the 2018 Identity Innovation Award at the IDnext conference. See the award announcement by the OpenID Foundation for more details.

The award recognizes that the OpenID Certification program has become a significant global force promoting high-quality, secure, interoperable OpenID Connect implementations. Its innovative use of self-certification using freely available online tools has made testing the quality of OpenID Connect implementations simple, effective, and commonplace. Thanks to IDnext for recognizing the impact of the OpenID Certification program!

Also, see the IDnext press release announcing the award and its description of the opinion of the award committee:

The significant global impact of the OpenID Certification program was a reason for its selection for the Identity Innovation Award. It recognizes that the innovative use of self-certification, with freely available testing tools, has resulted in substantial participation in the certification program, improving the security, quality, and interoperability of OpenID Connect implementations worldwide.

Identity Innovation Award

Identity Innovation Award Presentation

Finally, here’s the presentation that I gave at the IDnext conference making the case for the award (pptx) (pdf).