February 2, 2018
CBOR Web Token (CWT) draft addressing shepherd review comments

IETF logoThe CBOR Web Token (CWT) specification has been updated to address the shepherd comments by Benjamin Kaduk. Changes were:

  • Updated the RFC 5226 reference to RFC 8126.
  • Made the IANA registration criteria consistent across sections.
  • Stated that registrations for the limited set of values between -256 and 255 and strings of length 1 are to be restricted to claims with general applicability.
  • Changed the “Reference” field name to “Description of Semantics” in the CBOR Tag registration request.
  • Asked the RFC Editor whether it is possible to preserve the non-ASCII spellings of the names Erik Wahlström and Göran Selander in the final specification.

Thanks to Ben for his careful review of the specification!

The specification is available at:

An HTML-formatted version is also available at:

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