OpenID logoThanks to all who contributed to the launch of OpenID Connect Relying Party Certification! This is a major step in continuing to improve the interoperability and security of OpenID Connect implementations.

Roland Hedberg deserves huge credit for writing and deploying the testing tools. Roland eagerly interacted with developers as they “tested the tests”, promptly answering questions and iteratively developing the software to address issues that arose during the testing.

Hans Zandbelt and Edmund Jay also deserve huge thanks for being the earliest Relying Party testers. Because of their early feedback and perseverance, the process is now much easier for those that followed them.

As Don Thibeau wrote in the launch announcement, we were surprised by the speed of RP Certification adoption once we began the pilot phase – happening much more quickly than OpenID Provider certification did. I loved the feedback from developers, who told us that they understand the protocol better and have more secure implementations because of their certification participation. Let’s have more of that!