Information Card IconOASIS logoI’m thrilled to announce that the Identity Metasystem Interoperability Version 1.0 specification has been approved as an OASIS standard, with 56 votes in favor and none against. This standard benefitted substantially from the input received during the process. Numerous clarifications were incorporated as a result, while still maintaining compatibility with the Identity Selector Interoperability Profile V1.5 (ISIP 1.5) specification.

While this is often said, this achievement is truly the result of a community effort. While by no means a comprehensive list, thanks are due to many, including the OSIS members whose diligent efforts ensured that Information Cards are interoperable across vendors and platforms, the Information Card Foundation members for their adoption and thought leadership work, and the IMI TC members, including co-chairs Marc Goodner and Tony Nadalin, and Mike McIntosh, who was my co-editor. Paul Trevithick and Mary Ruddy get enormous credit for starting and leading the Higgins Project, as does Dale Olds for the Bandit Project. Kaliya Hamlin and Phil Windley were instrumental behind the scenes by running the IIWs. Axel Nennker has been a tireless force, producing both ideas and software, as has Pamela Dingle. Jamie Lewis, Bob Blakley, and Craig Burton all provided insightful guidance on the practical aspects of birthing a new technology. Arun Nanda deserves enormous thanks for doing the heavy lifting to produce the ISIP 1.0 spec. And of course, none of this would have occurred without the leadership and vision of Kim Cameron. Thanks one and all!