July 4, 2016
Token Binding for Access Tokens, Refresh Tokens, and ID Tokens

IETF logoTwo new related specifications define syntax and semantics for applying Token Binding to OAuth Access Tokens and Refresh Tokens and to OpenID Connect ID Tokens. draft-jones-oauth-token-binding contains the OAuth portions. openid-connect-token-bound-authentication-1_0 contains the OpenID Connect portions.

These are being submitted now to hopefully enable end-to-end implementations and interop testing of Token Bound Access Tokens, Refresh Tokens, and ID Tokens across multiple platforms before the Token Binding specifications are finalized.

The OAuth specification is available at:

The OpenID Connect specification is available at:

Thanks to Andrei Popov, Yordan Rouskov, John Bradley, and Brian Campbell for reviews of earlier versions of these specifications and to Dirk Balfanz and William Denniss for some earlier discussions providing input to these specifications.

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  1. Token Binding for the Apache webserver | Hans Zandbelt on 13 Jul 2016 at 3:30 am #

    […] For 1. I added preliminary support for Token Binding in the Apache HTTP web server in a fork on Github here and for 2. I was able to use a nightly build of Chromium to prove that it actually works. This means that mod_auth_openidc’s session cookies can no longer be replayed outside of the original browser (without relying on obscure low-security tricks that exist today such as browser fingerprinting). I’m hoping to build out support to include “referred tokens” so that also 3rd-party issued id_tokens and Auth 2.0 tokens can be bound to the browser/Apache server as specified by http://self-issued.info/?p=1577. […]

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