OAuth logoProof-of-Possession Key Semantics for JWTs draft -04 addresses the remaining working group comments received — both a few leftover WGLC comments and comments received during IETF 93 in Prague. The changes were:

  • Allowed the use of “jwk” for symmetric keys when the JWT is encrypted.
  • Added the “jku” (JWK Set URL) member.
  • Added privacy considerations.
  • Reordered sections so that the “cnf” (confirmation) claim is defined before it is used.
  • Noted that applications can define new claim names, in addition to “cnf“, to represent additional proof-of-possession keys, using the same representation as “cnf“.
  • Applied wording clarifications suggested by Nat Sakimura.

The updated specification is available at:

An HTML formatted version is also available at: