IETF logoThe -12 JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) drafts have been released incorporating issue resolutions agreed to on the July 1, 2013 working group call and on the mailing list. Most of the changes were editorial improvements suggested by Jim Schaad and Richard Barnes. Changes included clarifying that the “typ” and “cty” header parameters are for use by applications and don’t affect JOSE processing, replacing the MIME types application/jws, application/jwe, application/jws+json, and application/jwe+json with application/jose and application/jose+json, and relaxing language on JSON parsing when duplicate member names are encountered to allow use of ECMAScript JSON parsers. See the history entries for the full set of changes.

Corresponding changes to the JSON Web Token (JWT) spec were also published in draft -09.

The drafts are available at:

HTML formatted versions are also available at: